How to Write an Awesome Product Requirements Document (With Sample)

What is the best way to start when writing a PRD (Product Requirement Document)? Gather information about who is going to use your product and more importantly, what will motivate them to use it. By creating these PRD templates, I hope to ease the learning curve and make a product requirement framework that can be used anytime you need to create newer products in your job or business.

We are going to create a sample PRD for a remote assistance app that will help field technicians by instantly connecting to experienced remote technicians whenever they are stuck.

Name of the product: Expert Assist

Description (For field technicians)Facing irritated customers? Stuck and
don’t know how to diagnose the
issue? Quickly solve hard problems
by asking expert technicians from
your mobile phone.
Description (For support managers / management)The best Field Service Management
(FSM) software that will help you
improve customer experience,
technician utilization and First Time
Fix (FTF) rate while reducing
resource costs for site installation,
repair and maintenance services.


On-site technician support is expensive for any organization, financially and logistically.
Expert Assist aims to reduce the logistical effort and make the field support pipeline more efficient which reduces costs for the organization while positively adding to the customer experience.


PersonasDescriptionType (USER / BUYER /
Category (PRIMARY/
Call Center
Fresher straight out of college. Loves to solve problems. Frustrated by unruly or impatient callers. Loves to help people. Keeps planning towards how he can make more money. Puts customers first and does not like to look stupid in front of customers or his manager.UserSecondary
Lives in a rented or low income housing. Uses public transport or two wheeler to travel long distances. Bachelor who stays with parents and supports them by earning additional salary income. Loves to eat out and hangout with friends. Tech savy, knows how to use audio / video calls, payment apps and video streaming services. Main problem for him is he is not able to find time for himself despite receiving an award for the most houses visited last month. Has 1.5 years of experience and sometimes has to make extra visits to the same house to install spare parts which he didn’t think were needed in the first visit.UserPrimary
Lives in a rented or low income housing. Uses public transport or two wheeler to travel long distances. Married and sole breadwinner, has two kids, wife and old parents. Worries about education of kids and health of parents. Cannot afford to take a leave. Main problem for him is he gets really tired at the end of each day yet makes fewer house calls as compared to his younger more dynamic colleagues. He has 15 years of experience and can confidently fix all issues related to the consumer product. Needs dedicated training and development to adapt to remote service software.UserPrimary
Middle aged, married with one child, has taken a 30 year home loan and a 5 year car loan. Expenses include grocery shopping. Frequently feels overwhelmed, enjoys watching cricket. Bit lonely since losing touch with most of his cricket playing gang. Takes out his family for movie nights and restaurant outings. Frequently looks at his beer belly and thinks about exercising but never finds the time or energy to start.InfluencerSecondary
COO (Chief
Middle aged, likes to run to keep himself fit. Graduated from IIM with theoretical business administration knowledge. Has 10 years of experience in leading operational teams. No child by choice. Loves to travel and has visited 37 countries till date. He has bought the latest Xbox and PS and has a great collection of games, loves to play on his 58 inch TV. Frequently throws house parties. Extrovert and people person, loves to socialize. Understands people and their inner motivations.BuyerTertiary


Competing ProductDescriptionCategory actionable insights, share critical data, and access real-time remote expert support using IoT and AI-driven tools to boost first time fix rates.Primary remote customer assistance, field service organizations can deliver service from anywhere, keeping both workers and customers safe.Primary Time to Service 37% with Zinc Intelligent Remote Service. ServiceMax Zinc connects technicians in real time with the people and information needed to confidently get the job done quickly and correctly, allowing organizations to reduce mean time to repair, boost customer satisfaction and improve employee engagement.Primary

User Stories and Requirements

#As a User (Persona)I want toSo that IPriority
1Field TechnicianRemove outer
Can work towards finding inner componentsLOW
2Field TechnicianCheck for voltage
Can understand the root cause / component failureLOW
3Field TechnicianOrder spare partsCan replace damaged partsMEDIUM
4Field TechnicianFind cause of issue
as per training
Can fix issue as per trainingLOW
5Field TechnicianApply a temporary
Customer signs off the issue as closedLOW
6Field TechnicianReads Job historyCan understand what was done previously by him or some other field technician assigned to this job and take his next steps accordinglyHIGH
7Field TechnicianClock in and Clock
out for individual
field visit
Doesn’t matter to me, but is standard compliance for higher ups failing which I will be reprimandedHIGH
8Field TechnicianMaintenance History
of field product
To understand any damage and root cause for the current issue due to maintenance not being done. Can also renew the maintenance contract and impress my boss.MEDIUM
9Field TechnicianCustomer Sign OffLeave this place and go homeHIGH
10Field TechnicianRead more about the
specifications and
how to repair, fix
and maintain the
Perform better, impress my boss and get a better salaryHIGH
11Field TechnicianInspect and perform
standard safety
Don’t get electrocuted. It hurts.MEDIUM
12Field TechnicianRaise customer
Can go to the next place / Go homeHIGH
13Field TechnicianVerify payment is
done by customer
Can go to the next place / Go homeHIGH
14Remote Service
Reads Job historyHelps in drilling down to the root cause of the current issueMEDIUM
15Remote Service
Talk to Field TechnicianI need to communicate with him on the ground to get him to physically perform tasks which I am not able to sitting on my laptopHIGH
16Remote Service
See live field videoUnderstand the state of the product and it’s components as per trainingHIGH
17Remote Service
Look at a specific
area in varied
lighting conditions
Diagnose the problem faster even in day or night conditions.HIGH
18Remote Service
Get specific readings
/ measurements
Can check if the readings have diverted from their ideal valuesHIGH
19Remote Service
Able to read
customer complaint
Can understand the customer’s perspective of the issue at hand and see if that helps in getting to the root cause of the issueMEDIUM
20Remote Service
Get spare parts
inventory of
currently connected
field technician
Can decide if the damaged part can be replaced in the current visit or will it take another visit in case part not available right nowMEDIUM
Get individual visit
performance reports
Check team performance of Field Technician and Remote Service TechnicianHIGH
Get daily / weekly /
performance reports
Analyse and Optimize support operationsHIGH
Get FTF (First Time
Fix) and
performance reports
for each visit
Analyse and Optimize support operationsHIGH
Get performance of
field technicians
Analyse and Optimize support operationsHIGH
Get performance of
remote service
Train my staff better, review and improve their individual performanceHIGH
Get visit wise
inventory reports
Plan spare parts warehouse inventoryHIGH
Get daily / weekly /
monthly inventory
Analyse and Optimize support operations, send consolidated report to COOHIGH
Report DashboardsAnalyse and Optimize support operations, send consolidated report to COOHIGH
Drill Down ReportsAnalyse and Optimize support operations, send consolidated report to COOHIGH
Failure AnalysisAnalyse and Optimize support operationsHIGH
Define SOP
(Standard Operating
Standardize and bring efficiency to support operationsHIGH
Check and manage
customer history and
Analyse and Optimize support operationsMEDIUM
Check warranty and
Assign to warranty and claims handling teamsMEDIUM
Track inventory of
spare parts
Plan inventory buying and stockpilingMEDIUM
Forecast if demand
will increase or
Analyse and Optimize support operationsMEDIUM
Get Customer
Analyse and Optimize support operationsMEDIUM
Create and Manage
Optimize revenue and create the configurations to be used while estimating a quotation by the Call Center ExecutiveMEDIUM
38Call Center
Manage schedule of
field technicians
Assign a technician to the customer’s issue as per Standard Operating Procedure and schedule date and time as per customer’s availability.HIGH
39Call Center
Manage dispatch of
field technicians
Dispatch a technician who can solve the customer’s issue instead of assigning a random technician. If the customer calls again with the same issue, it will impact my KRA.HIGH
40Call Center
Check current area
of field technician as
per GPS locations
Dispatch a technician who already is in the area instead of assigning a technician who will take 6 hours to reach the customer’s place.HIGH
41Call Center
Send Quotes &
Estimations for
customer’s current
Tell the customer the pricing and ask if I should book a technicianHIGH
42Call Center executiveCreate and Manage Customer Bookings / AppointmentsCreate a record in the system for customer booking and assign a technician to send to the customer’s locationMEDIUM

Performance Requirements

RequirementObjectiveSuccess Metric
FTF (First Time Fix)Ideally, issue should be fixed in
a single visit with customer sign
off to improve efficiency.
Total First Time Fixed Visits / Total
Monthly Visits
Average Time on FieldThe issue should be solved
quickly which helps both the
customer and the support
Avg time spend on a site should
ideally be tending to (=>) 0
Average Remote Help TimeThis is the time per visit where
field technician requires help of
a remote technician. This will
help us figure out if remote
assistance speeds up the
Avg of difference in minutes
between stop and start time
Open Support TicketsThis helps us plan our resources
while predicting demand. This
should ideally be tending to 0 as
well if issue are being signed off
and closed.
Daily / Weekly / Monthly Open
Support Tickets
Average Time to Close Support
In and ideal world, a technician
should be dispatched the same
day support tickets was opened
and fixed in the first visit itself.
This value should be as low as
Avg of difference in minutes
between opening and closing of
support tickets
Average Response TimeThis should be measured for all
3 roles i.e. Field technician,
remote technician and call
center executive to understand
responsiveness of the support
Difference in time between request
received and response sent.
Average Cost per Field
By using remote service
technicians, the avg cost per
field technician will reduce.
This metric will be a good
measure as to how much the
cost will reduce.
Daily / Weekly / Monthly Avg cost
per field technician

Safety Requirements

Wear UniformUniform designed keeping the services in
mind with fire retardant uniform
Wear Rubber GlovesKeep skin safe from harmful chemicals
Wear a N95 maskHygiene and safety for both technician and
Handwashing before touching customer applianceHygiene and safety for both technician and
Handwashing after touching customer applianceHygiene and safety for both technician and
Avoid smelling of chemicalsKeep technician from inhaling chemical
fumes having unknown consequences
Training for fall protection including harnesses,
lanyards and anchors
Enables technician to work in precarious
positions while keeping the person safe
Training to handle High VoltageKeep technician safe
Training to approach confined spacesKeep technician safe
Medical KitEmergency use medical kit in case of injuries

Security Requirements

GPS TrackingLocation of field technician should be known at all times
in order to alert / alarm in case of mishaps.
SOS ButtonField technician can reach out for help with the SOS
button which immediately triggers safety / evacuation

Validation Techniques

Pre-Development Stage

1) Survey: Take a random survey of all stakeholder categories i.e. Jr.Field Technicians, Sr Field
Technicians, Support Manager and COO to understand their pain points, motivation and action
drivers with operational budget allocations for solutions.
2) Existing Market Products: Check if existing products are already available in the market. Work
to get revenue numbers for the product line of that company. If the product line is profitable, it
clearly validates market demand.
3) Google Ads Keyword Planner: Check the keyword search volume related to your product e.g.
‘remote service management software’ OR ‘remote service tool’ to understand region wise
online search demand for your product idea

Post-Development Stage

A/B Testing: This determines which version of your product is more suitable for your target audience. Make 2 groups of randomly selected participants from your internal / company wide people, show 2 versions of the same product and track which version leads to higher conversions. ‘Versions’ is loosely used here and can be simply a colour / theme change or a complete onboarding / login flow change depending on what your goals are.

Beta Testing: This helps you understand how many external users like and adopt your product. This is usually a closed release to users outside your friends / family / company to ‘test the waters’ so to speak.

User stickiness / retention survey: After a week of using the product, take a survey of a Beta testing participants or A/B test participants and ask them “How would you feel if you could no longer use the product?” If over 40% of your users answer ‘very disappointed’, you have achieved product-market fit. If not, then the group that answered ‘very disappointed’ will unlock product-market fit and you would need to dig into that demographic to understand the product and feature demand from that target group.

Future Work

Wireframes need to be given by the product team to the software development team to clarify as to how exactly the user activity will flow. The development team can modify those as required from the tech perspective and create DFD (Data Flow Diagrams) and Architecture Diagrams on top of that.

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